Venture Capital


Our Philosophy

Our focus is to invest with innovative companies on the verge of significant growth.  As entrepreneur-investors with native operating experience, we deploy a hands-on approach in our work with founders.

Put simply - we believe in adding value beyond JUST contributing capital.

Our mantra is “Inclined to Innovate” because we seek founders with disruptive businesses that have a well-defined path and commitment to success.

We leverage our Shared Services Platform with portfolio companies that fit our model. Our Shared Services Platform includes turnkey world-class software, hardware/lifestyle product design, logistics, distribution, back-office support, and professional services.

Our Process

We utilize a four-step analysis process to vet start-ups.  We are open to investment in any business sector but our thrust is to invest in businesses we deeply understand that also present a near term opportunity resulting in extraordinary returns.

To properly sift through the opportunity input, we leverage our in-house expertise and strategic partners to evaluate early-stage companies across all industries.  We ultimately select companies we believe to be on the precipice of tangibly achieving something amazing.

Select Investment Criteria

We look for the following criteria when we consider a potential investment:

Please contact us if your company meets the above criteria.


Our portfolio companies represent talented entrepreneurs that are transforming a variety of industries through disruptive business models.

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