TYLT Ventures joins PledgeLA to push for a fully engaged future in Los Angeles!

Jun 10, 2019

Today we’re proud to join #PledgeLA for the future of a civically-engaged, diverse, and ascendant #LosAngeles: pledgela.org.

We’ll never solve the diversity crisis in tech if we don’t start investing in long-term solutions. We’ve joined #PledgeLA (pledgela.org) because we understand that if we engage communities now, we can build a bright and inclusive #future for tech.

The #LA region’s VC community raised over $5 billion in 2017. We need to diversify, include and engage ALL of #LosAngeles – our future depends on it: pledgela.org #PledgeLA

#LosAngeles ranks 7th among the most economically unequal regions in the U.S. Our city can do so much better, and we’re ready to do our part. That’s why we’ve joined #PledgeLA: pledgela.org.

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