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Providing Financing at the Right Time & Under Appropriate Terms

TYLT Ventures Credit serves as the credit lending arm of TYLT Ventures. We launched this hybrid debt initiative to address existing liquidity challenges caused by tightened markets and the 2023 banking crisis.

Through a decade of venture investing and owning and operating entities, the TYLT Ventures Credit team is able to offer insightful advisory services. As a dual-purpose financial ally, we are committed to guiding businesses and to ensure they thrive amidst adversity.

Our Mission

To impact companies that have a history of success but may need alternative forms of funding to fuel further growth. TYLT’s team cultivates portfolio company success through:

Target Businesses:

High Growth

Substantial Cash Flows

Seasoned Management

About TYLT Lending

Our Focus

TYLT Ventures Credit is committed to supporting visionary businesses with strategic capital and critical advisory. Drawing from deep industry insights, Tylt champions visionary enterprises, fostering growth and resilience in challenging market landscapes. Our mission is to be more than a financial institution but a partner, propelling ambitious ventures to realize their full potential.

Adding Value

For over a decade, our partners at TYLT Ventures have amassed extensive expertise in business planning, strategy consulting, technology project management, branding, marketing planning, deal structuring, M&A advisory, and IPO guidance.

Industries We Have Served






Consumer Brands

Financial Tech

Events & Entertainment Tech

Information Tech

Hybrid Credit Fund

Series 1

TYLT Ventures’ Series 1 Hybrid Credit Fund is industry agnostic and provides liquidity for successful companies positioned for growth.

Why the change?

While the TYLT team is proud of its many successes as an equity partner we understand that the current market environment calls for something different.

Valuations are challenged, liquidity is tight, and we understand the difficulties in raising capital within these conditions.

Our aim is to deploy capital under senior secured loan instruments with reasonable terms to founders who can execute. Our team plans to be more than just a credit partner.  We will provide similar resources to our borrowing partners as we do our venture partners.

Target Company Profile:


Check Size


Free Cash Flow


Collateral Coverage Ratio

Company Criteria:

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